#EHSInspires our APM Fossil West Crew at the Front Range Power Plant


Our APM Fossil West crew recently scored excellent ratings on their EHS audit from APM Fossil West Director, Scott Ranaldi, under the supervision of Superintendent, Jim Gehring. Under his leadership, the crew also received several compliments regarding their EHS practices from Lead GE Field Engineer, Lance Klosa, as well as onsite management. We appreciate the continued dedication and accountability of Jim working with his crews. He has a record of strong leadership and was recognized as our 2014 Top Gas Turbine Superintendent for the Fossil West region. The crew on night shift, led by Superintendent, James Parish, was also recognized for their superb safety discipline. James has exhibited a commitment to fulfillment excellence throughout the years. The entire APM team who performed work on the 7F Hot Gas Path at the Front Range Power Plant did an outstanding job demonstrating our #1 priority, safety! Congrats to the entire team for the exceptional ratings and recognition! Thank you for all your hard work and for keeping safety at the top of your list!