APM Rigging is Recognized for Their Dedication to Safety and Accuracy

When you need a rigging crew that is committed to safety and accuracy in every aspect of their tasks, APM delivers. Safety is our first priority always, and it is closely followed by our dedication to quality and accuracy. We take pride in these values, not just because they are important to fulfill our customer’s expectations, but because they are the standards we believe in and hold ourselves accountable to. Our APM Rigging team recently validated this commitment during a job in Boston, MA. The crew removed old water heaters from the 14th floor mechanical room of a luxury apartment building and lifted two new water heaters into place. The job required the riggers to maneuver the old water heaters around electrical boxes, flue stacks and over concrete pads. The riggers skillfully moved the water heaters, avoiding these permanent obstacles and working the 1200 lb. units through a doorway and onto a metal grid platform. From there, they strapped each unit to a crane line to be lifted off the roof and down to the street where two other riggers received the items. Once removed, the crew worked the new units up into place with the same level of precision and care. Even though our team was met with adverse weather conditions at 33 degrees with wind gusts up to 28 mph, bringing the wind-chill factor to 22 degrees, our team was focused and dedicated. The skill of the crane operator and the knowledge of the riggers allowed this job to be fulfilled without any incidents. Our General Manager of EHS, La Keisha May, personally extends her appreciation to each member of this crew for their attentiveness to safety and quality on this job. Congratulations on this success and thank you for being leaders of our APM culture!