APM Specialty Services Collaborates with GE to Solve Challenges in the Field

When you need innovative problem solving, APM delivers. Our APM Specialty Services Service Manager, Nick Brockman, recently attended a workout session at the Gas Turbine Outage Simulator (GTOS) Facility in Greenville, NC to help develop solutions for challenges the field is encountering during the Vertical Blade Exchange process and Up-tower Pitch Bearing Exchange process. The goal of the week was to design a mechanism and process to solve the issues being seen in the industry. GE Engineer, Stephanie Lohberg, followed the session up with, “Thank you for your time and input for the blade protection workout. It was great to have creative input from many different perspectives, and there were some great ideas that came out of the session.” Nick remarked that he had a great time with the other GE Wind Turbine Engineers collaborating on ideas and designs. He expects some interesting new developments to help the field curb these challenges. Summaries from the session and more details on the solutions developed will be released as they are finalized. Great job, Nick! Way to be a team player and forward thinker.