APM GETSCO Canada Team Receives Appreciation for Fulfillment 5 Dedication

When you set outage priorities and objectives, APM delivers. Our APM GETSCO Canada team recently received a letter of appreciation from the Kingston Generating Station’s General Manager, Steve Collings, for their excellent work on the Northland Power outage in April. Mr. Collings complimented our team’s efforts by writing, “We were pleased to observe that the actions and behaviours of these people mirrored the objectives we outlined at the start of the job (safety performance, quality of work and meeting the schedule) and that the productivity of both the day and night crews was impressive. We truly appreciate the high level of skill, dedication and commitment to doing the job effectively and safely.” We recognize the outstanding level of performance from this team, and we share pride in the work that they’ve accomplished. We extend an additional thanks to the team for displaying our steadfast commitment to our Fulfilment 5 values, which the customer specifically recognized!