GSSI Safety Focus Keeps Safety in Plain Sight

When safety is your priority, APM delivers. APM’s affiliate, Global Safety Sources, Inc. (GSSI), guarantees an innovative crew working to improve safety programs and ensure safe job environments for site visitors and workers. One of our GSSI Safety Specialists, Steve Conrad, recently partnered with GE South Region EHS Manager, Steve Davis, to implement a new program for labeling secondary chemical containers. They worked with Kevin Menetre, GE Norcross Tool Center Manager, to include a laminated posting of the top 7 most used chemicals on the inside door of the flammable lockers for use when transferring into secondary containers. This new process will prevent defects of non-labeled containers since MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) sheets aren’t stored with the chemicals. This safety solution has the potential to affect 180 GE South region employees along with other site visitors and craft labor workers. At GSSI, we’re committed to keeping people safe so that they can stay focused on the task at hand. We’ve got your back!