APM is Committed to FME Monitoring and Quality Performance

When you need quality and accountability on your jobsite, APM delivers. Our APM Fossil Team in the West region was recently recognized for their vigilance and dedication to FME (Foreign Material Exclusion) awareness. During a job, two of our APM crew members, Jorge Jimenez and Martin Horenburg, were assisting the Generator Specialist and discovered two pieces of tie wire in the turbine end generator directly under the location where the UT flow scaffolding was tied into the generator axial gussets. These wires fell into an area between two metal gussets in the stator. Our APM crew was assigned to support this job because we were the most cost effective labor option, and we delivered top notch execution. Our team dismissed any concerns by proving their unyielding commitment to quality focus through their work product and FME monitoring. The industry hears about FME failures time after time, but at APM, we are devoted to investigating our work areas to correct any errors or potential problems.