APM Nuclear Services is Committed to Safety Initiatives

When you want guaranteed safety and accountability, APM delivers. One of our Nuclear Teams recently displayed their commitment to our STOP program and LOTO (Lockout/Tagout) initiatives by speaking up before beginning an unsafe task that could have resulted in severe injury or even death. The team was asked to work on an energized system at 120 volts without being locked out. Our APM Superintendent, Jonathan Sautelet (pictured middle row, 2nd from left), raised the concern up to APM Nuclear General Manager, Jim Susan, and APM Nuclear Safety Manager, Jim Fanning, who immediately began making calls with the GE Team to outline a solution. After discussion and review, the GE/APM team implemented a process to ensure that our team had a safe working environment. The project was resumed with no disruption to the schedule and was completed without injury. We are extremely proud of this crew for embracing and advocating our ZERO INCIDENT safety focus. This is exactly what the pledge to safety in APM stands for.