Showing Up in a Big Way on a Small Scope at Frontera

During the 2019 spring outage season, the APM Gas Team traveled to the Kindle Energy Frontera site in Mission, Texas, to execute repairs on a leaking oil deflector and perform a Steam Turbine bearing inspection. These scopes were led by APM Gas Superintendents, Joshua Gunter and David Maxwell.

            During this project, two steam crews tag-teamed both tasks for the combined cycle unit. The challenge came with identifying the faulty oil deflector before the repair. Both crews worked diligently throughout this outage and turned the unit around in only six days. Management at Kindle Energy Frontera commented:

“Wanted to take a moment to thank you for your efforts on identifying and correcting the oil deflector coking issue at Frontera. After almost a full week of operations, all seems to be rolling smoothly. Thanks for your assistance in helping us quickly turn this unit around… it is appreciated!”

            Even short scope outages, such as Frontera, show the value of our APM team working together and exerting expertise effectively to bring solutions to our customers. Maintaining our reputation as the best contractor for total plant solutions – big or small – will continue ensuring valuable work opportunities for the future. We extend a massive thanks to every individual involved with making this project a success!