Electrically Charged Results!

APCom and APM Specialty Services recently collaborated on a project and combined their energy to be a force that was unstoppable, even in the face of delays!  The team arrived at the Luminant, Lamar Plant in Paris, Texas and their work scope was to perform Unit 1 & 2 HRSG tube repairs and valve replacement.  Despite lightning stand downs that resulted in lost manhours and impacted progress, the customer was very satisfied with the outcome.  Stage 2 Unit 1 was completed on time, with no weld rejects and no safety issues or injuries.  The team really came together and untangled the complex situation even though there was a 5-day forced delay and scope added by the customer.  Stage 1 Unit 2 was also completed on time with no weld rejects, and no safety issues or injuries!   With results like these, the team’s performance was electrifying!  Our APM Specialty Services group provided the four certified welders to APCom.  Kevin Bawden was the APCom Superintendent for this project and led the crew to complete 2K manhours.

Thanks to our teams for effectively working together for great results, for completing this multi-stage project, and for making the customer understand we are clearly the choice for a lightening quick, safe, and quality performance!  We appreciate all that you do for us, and for our customers!