Here We Come to Save The Day!

Welding the Superheat Links

We take pride in being able to offer a wide range of services tailored to our customer’s individual needs.  Plus, our customer benefits by getting attentive, safe, and reliable service that is beyond comparison.  Our APCom Boiler Services team delivered such quality perfection at Entergy, Nine Mile Point Station, Westwego, Louisiana when they were called in to perform a superheat pendant assembly replacement and warranty repairs for the customer. 

APCom was asked by Entergy to take over for a contractor that had experienced some safety and productivity issues.  Our team mobilized personnel and tooling quickly, and earned the customer’s trust by performing beyond expectations, raising the bar with safety, quality, and efficiency.  The crew was praised for their attention to every detail.  The feedback from the customer was that the performance and productivity of the team was astounding, and that the job was the most organized and cleanest boiler job they had ever seen.  The crew consisted of two shifts of 100 APCom Boilermakers, Laborers, and Operating Engineers.  They completed the project with a total of 32K manhours.  The Superintendents were Byron Davis – Day Shift, Tom Hall - Night Shift, Joe McDonough - Day Shift Quality, and Chris Varnado –Quality Assistant.   The team not only saved the day (and the job), unexpected emergent work was completed, and they accomplished the job and returned the boiler on line ahead of schedule.

Great things happen when teams pull together with an ownership mentality.  They focus on the common goal and pull together for a successful outcome.  Great job team!  Each of you should be proud of your accomplishments.  We are!