Follow the Process

“You can’t get from A to Z by passing up B.” ~ Nick Saban

Y’all know I am a football fan. It’s in my background, in my blood. More than that, I am a fan of excellence. And today, the model of excellence is Alabama football coached by Nick Saban.

One of the leadership principles Coach Saban adheres to is good process produces good results. There are no shortcuts, there are no easy outs, there is only discipline in executing the process. Thus, you must follow the process if you want to be part of the winning culture at Alabama.

My expectation for all of us is similar – follow the process. We all have processes – field procedures, work instructions, standard operating procedures – that guide us through our daily tasks. If you don’t have a process, STOP and ask for one.

To deliver excellence, we must be disciplined and follow the process. No exceptions.

- APM President, Jake Locklear