Focus & Change

In this video (~ 3 minutes) I discuss the need for FOCUS & CHANGE.
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We are in the midst of a busy fall outage season. Last week we had approximately 3K craftpersons work 175K manhours on our jobsites. To execute that volume successfully, we must deliver safety and quality excellence – all home safe, proud of our work. To deliver excellence, we expect everyone to be completely engaged in the Critical X Improvement Plan we rolled out this summer.

We also continue to change the organization to address concerns we see today and prepare our APM for success tomorrow. I understand that makes some nervous and anxious. I am confident that everyone who aligns with our vision for success and focuses on daily delivering excellence will be a part of APM’s bright future.

One of the “root causes” of safety events is a lack of situational awareness – the failure to identify or recognize hazards that are present or that could have been anticipated.  Every one of us can look around and spot apparent hazards.  A simple example is seeing a broken glass.  It’s easy to think about the hazards of picking up broken glass. It’s harder to concentrate on how we could prevent the glass from breaking in the first place, e.g., move the glass away from the edge or strike zone, put the glass away instead of sitting it down, or use plastic or paper instead. Hazards aren’t always obvious and sometimes lurk just below the surface.  In our haste to get on with our day and tasks, we might skim only the surface and pick out the obvious hazards.  Go into every task or environment with a questioning attitude. What is the worst that can happen? What do I not see?  Put some honest thought and effort into your STA cards.  Understand a hazard hunt is truly a “hunt”.  Don’t just skim the surface.

-APM President, Jake Locklear