We all strive to complete our jobs to the best of our ability and advance by improving our skills and talents.  While doing this, we accomplish a greater well-being, we gain a broader knowledge base, deepen our character, and it makes us more confident.  When we are successful, we hold our heads a little higher with pride.  When customers recognize our accomplishments and boasts about us, it takes us to the next level of triumph and pride.  Seven, (that’s right, SEVEN) of our APM Fossil South teams have that extra spring in their steps these days after successfully completing jobs at FP&L– Turkey Point in Homestead, FL, FP&L Ft, Myers in Ft Myers, Florida and at FP&L Sanford in Debary, Florida.  Every project at these three plants received a resounding 5 stars on their ratings; completing each project with no quality or safety issues.  These teams of professionals made sure that service was a high priority.  It took every person on every team to make the success of these projects possible.  Congratulations to you all!

1.     FP&L – Turkey Point - work scope: 5C Major & .05 Compressor upgrade.  Two (2) shifts, 38 employees, 19,805 manhours.  Superintendents Juan Mejia (DS), and Clay Harrell (NS).

2.     FP&L – Turkey Point -  work scope: 5B Major & .05 Compressor upgrade.  Two (2) shifts, 39 employees, 19,558 manhours.  Superintendents: Josh Silas (DS), Ed Menees (NS).

3.     FP&L –Ft. Myers - work scope: 2B DLN2.6+ / 3SAR Rotor.  One (1) shift, 19 employees, 7,482 manhours.  Superintendents Brent Jordan (DS) and James Davenport (NS).

4.     FP&L –Ft. Myers - work scope: 2D DLN2.6+/3SAR Rotor.  One (1) shift, 20 employees, 7,612 manhours.  Superintendents Brent Jordan (DS) and James Davenport (NS).

5.     FPL –Sanford - work scope: 4B .05 Upgrade.  Two (2) shifts, 44 employees, 18,145 manhours.  Superintendents Clay Harrell and James Davenport (DS), Josh Silas (NS).

6.     FPL –Sanford - work scope: 4A .05/ DLN2.6+/3SAR Rotor Upgrade.  Two (2) shifts, 48 employees, 17,776 manhours.  Superintendents James Prince Days, James Davenport (DS) and Juan Mejia (NS).

7.     FPL –Sanford - work scope:  5B 7F.05 Upgrade DLN2.6+/3SAR Rotor.  Two (2) shifts, 42 employees, 17,166 manhours.  Superintendents Clay Harrell (DS), Paul Hyjek (NS).