Teamwork, Leadership, and Professionalism

Teamwork, leadership, and professionalism are vital to ensuring quality results. These keys to success are even more crucial when the given work environment is more dangerous than usual. Recently, a team from Fossil North exemplified these characteristics in an unfamiliar setting. The team traveled to Oman on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula Southwestern Asia, to work on a United States Naval Ship, the USNS Washington Chambers. The team was responsible for removing a reactor from the ship’s propulsion machinery room. The team devised a new access cut site to remove the reactor. This innovative change, made the job far simpler and a safer lift to get the parts in and out to the deck above. They completed the project ahead of schedule. Following the tremendous success, the Customer was not bashful with their compliments and praises for the team’s efforts. The outstanding professionalism and commitment to safety that the team exhibited on the jobsite impressed the Customer. The Customer also commended the team’s strong leadership and careful preparation that set the job up for success from the beginning. We would like to thank everyone involved in delivering a successful customer experience and solution. Ray Bass, Alex Barghout, and Carlos Jimenez led their crews through a job very well done. Jobs like these are shining examples of our Company’s commitment to excellence, no matter how unfamiliar the circumstances.