Improving the Customer Experience

In an industry like ours, we must often go above and beyond to ensure that results are delivered with quality and efficiency. Service with a friendly demeanor does a great deal to improve the customer experience.  Jesse Kliesing, APM Specialty Technical Advisor, recently completed a DH7JH NP compressor modular changeout at ExxonMobil Mont Belvieu Plastics Plant in Mont Belvieu, Texas. Furthermore, Jesse was sent to assist GE Oil & Gas in an ongoing root cause analysis on a sister unit at the site. Jesse saw the opportunity to not only perform the tasks assigned, but also took it a step further by listening to the customer and improving the customer’s experience.  This improved a strained customer relationship rooted in a product manufacturing failure. The customer was delighted and has specifically requested Jesse return for future work. Jesse, APM + APCom thanks you for your persistence and hard work!