Success in the Midwest


The APCom team recently completed a project at the Alliant Energy Columbia Station. This three-year endeavor consisted of the replacement of four Raymond 983 mills with Alstom HP 1003 upgrades. The contract required that each mill be replaced and ready for coal within a 29-day window. The team worked two mills at a time to ensure that the project remained on schedule.

To meet the annual 10% cost reduction goal, the team utilized both implementation of work packages and the LEAN initiative, making this job the first to successfully utilize both methods. This team effort required the utmost diligence from all site leadership and craft personnel. Primary leadership included GE Construction Managers Mike Eidsmoe and Bill Knapick along with APCom Superintendents Byron Davis and Ken Clark with safety support provided by Rick Bertram. The biggest thank you goes to our own craft personnel, without whom this project would not have been possible.

The customer, Alliant, was thankful for the efforts and excellent results this team delivered, stating:

“Job well done, APCOM/GE’s team effort working with all really showed how, a major and difficult project can be done in a safe, & efficient manner. We learned a lot from you, great team leadership showed the highest safety and quality mind set from the entire team. We will look forward to working with you again.”

GE was also pleased with the results, stating: “the team constantly seeks easier and cost-effective ways to complete any task. The team made huge improvements on schedule, reducing overall Man Hours by 7%. Leadership practiced what they preached in the ownership of the Safety Program. No recordable accidents in the final phase of the Mill installation.” It takes a team of dedicated professionals to accomplish such fantastic results. Congratulations everyone!