Critical lift meeting

Critical lift meeting

Check out the STA (green) card.

During a recent jobsite visit to Entergy’s site in Ouachita, Louisiana, I had the pleasure of watching and photographing an APM Fossil South team orchestrate lifting and installing the rotor.  The team took their time to guarantee a successful lift and every person on the crew was 100% attuned to the task at hand.  They all communicated with each other and the Project Manager, Michael Hill, was with his team right in the middle of the lift from the start, until it was set in place.     

I asked Michael to give me some information about the preparation and completion of the day’s and team’s success and here are his comments:

“Thanks to the number one gas turbine crew in the GE/APM industry for a job well done. On Tuesday 3/15/2016 the crew set a 7FA gas turbine rotor with no issue!  The crew started the lift at 1:50 PM and set the rotor in place at 3:20 PM.  When lifting the rotor, inspect all of the rigging and rotor beam to confirm it is in good condition before rigging anything.  Make sure everyone has their green card filled out 100%. Have the pre-lift meeting and make sure everyone knows where their job is going to be while lifting & setting the rotor. Ensure taglines are long enough so that you can maintain the control of the load.  One person, and only one person is responsible for flagging the crane, but anyone, at any time can stop the load for any reason.  Everyone knows, but everyone is responsible to make sure there is no one close or under the load. As soon as the rotor is set in place and the rotor beam is removed, clear the turbine deck immediately and start Zone 1 FME.  With everyone doing their part, you will have a successful rotor reset and the customer will be very pleased.”

Great job team! It was a pleasure to watch a team that works so closely together, that they can’t help but succeed. 

Glenda Elles – APM Communications Manager