APM Canada Answers the Call

APM Canada employees deliver results! A great team of experts recently completed a job in Northern Alberta, Canada. The job scope started out being 20 pipe weld repairs on a lube oil skid and generator piping. Upon further inspection, it was discovered there were 47 pipe weld repairs to be made.  Our team would need to perform weld repairs, NDT, hydro-test and reassemble the deficient portions of the system that were discovered.  The scope broadened even further when additional items needed special attention and remedy which included modification of steel structures, walkways, handrails, minor rework on ducting and some modification on stainless steel piping.  This job site is a new compression station in a very remote location, which was a challenge for getting supplies and receiving shipments.  Daniel Foisy, Pete Beauchamp, and Justis Johnson were the APM lead drivers at the site.   The team coordinated and worked together to make sure all sourcing and testing was handled efficiently even in the remote location, and provided the quality documentation and certificates.   

APM Specialty initially received the call for help for this project and they reached out to APM Fossil Canada.  Bob Roberson and Saundra Syphrett provided much needed remote support from APM Specialty.

The team received recognition and praises from the on and off-site GE personnel.  The customer was very pleased with the great job this team performed and that the team accomplished the work without causing any significant delay on the installation schedule. 

APM has great employees doing great jobs.  Congratulations to the APM Canada Team and the entire crew for their performance and professionalism on this project, and to APM Specialty for their support of this project.