APM Fossil North Helps Return a Critical Unit to Service for MCV Quickly and Safety

APM is ready when you need us. A team led by Fossil North Superintendent, Steven Raleigh, kicked into high gear with the GE and Midland Cogeneration Venture (MCV) site teams to meet the customer’s urgent need, quickly and safety. The MCV Vice President of Operations, Brian Vokal, extended his sincere appreciation to the team for their performance by writing:

“I would like to take a moment and emphasize… It is with much appreciation and thanks to the GE and MCV teams working together to quickly identify, solve and remedy the issues to successfully return this critical unit to MCV’s service. As everyone was aware, this was a forced outage with top priority and from our observation, the plan was executed safely, diligently and correctly. Please share this recognition with your respective staff and colleagues. Indeed, great job by all.”

APM is proud of the dedication and urgent attitudes of our employees to perform projects at a moment’s notice. We are able to provide exceptional services because of your passion for excellence and customer service.