APM Fossil North Team Receives Appreciation for Commitment to Safety and Quality

When you set priorities for safety and quality on the job, APM delivers. Our APM Fossil North Team recently received appreciation for their successful completion of a job at Dynegy Kendall. Thomas E. Reed, GE Senior Contract Performance Manager, commented, “I want to express my appreciation for the fantastic performance and professionalism of Barry Burroughs and his APM crew during the outages this spring at Dynegy Kendall. Safety had the highest priority with this team. There were zero OSHA recordables, and there weren’t any first aids to report. The Kendall Safety Manager, Mike Kelley, commented when I asked if he needed to witness a critical lift, ‘I trust Barry because I can tell Barry knows what he is doing.’ Quality was exemplary with zero issues during the start-up of both units. Working with the TA, Shawn Downey, Barry worked to keep the crew productive when confronted with delays from the customer and other contractors. Barry and his team are definitely on my request list for future outages at Kendall and any other site that I might have in the future.” GE Lead Field Engineer, Shawn Downey, added, “I agree with Thomas and can’t tell you how much I appreciate the hard work and dedication from Barry and his team. These men performed flawlessly, keeping safety and quality in mind at all times. It has been a pleasure working with this crew, and I look forward to working with them again.” What a well-deserved honor for this team! GE Senior Services Regional Manager, Christopher Suriano, also recognized their efforts with his remarks, “Just want to pile on here - Excellent, professional, safe, quality work ahead of schedule by Barry and Crew. Really appreciate the work you did on this critical outage for us – The first Contractual Full Scope GT work and AGP upgrade. Awesome job – Thanks for all the great work!” We congratulate the entire day shift crew led by Barry Burroughs and the night shift crew led by Brad Funk for this success.  Thanks for your outstanding level of performance and for displaying our steadfast commitment to safety and quality! This is the APM guarantee!