Our team can execute your outage with industry leading safety, quality, and productivity. Incident free. On time. And within budget. Because those are the values that we believe in. 


For more than 75 years, APCom has been providing a seamless range of services, offering craft labor solutions to the utility and industrial power industry in the United States, including core maintenance during outages, retrofit upgrades to the boiler island and environmental equipment upgrades and retrofits. We have in-depth expertise in coal, gas and oil-fired utility plants, industrial plants including pulp and paper mills, petrochemical systems and municipal power operations, HRSGs, fluidized bed boilers, emission control systems, and pulverizers.  We’re also one of the top employers of Boilermakers in North America, enabling us to develop the right relationships and resources to identify the best talent for your job. 

If you have an outage, we have your solutions.