our answer to raising the industry standards of fulfillment excellence

Our 80,000 square foot APM Leadership & Development Center, home of the largest 75/25 ton crane in the Houston area, is located next to our corporate office in Pasadena, Texas. Our Center includes 4 state-of-the-art combine and divide conference rooms, an executive board room, a stadium style lab, 4 glass collaboration rooms, a lunchroom and 60,000 square feet of shop area referred to as “The Deck” that houses specialty equipment including a GE 7EA turbine, 8 welding booths and a machine shop area.

The mission of our Center is to inspire and develop advanced APM talent through world class training. We will train leaders to champion the culture of safety, quality and productivity for the world’s best running turbine fleet.

This Center is a complete asset for our business, providing an opportunity to develop our people to be the best in the world at their craft. We host classes covering all aspects of development – technical, human resources, innovation and information technology and leadership. We believe in investing in our people. They are the heart of our business and the face to our customers.

The craft labor services we provide contend in a highly competitive industry, and our resource development is the key to raising the industry standards of fulfillment excellence. We partner with local labor unions nationwide to select resources for our turbine fleets. When they begin work with APM, we know they have already undergone extensive safety and craft related training with an international building and construction trade, such as the United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC). We want to expand their learning opportunity and build onto this foundation with specialized, task-specific courses, as well as provide an opportunity to learn from peers sharing best practices. We expect our resources to continue practicing and refining their skills until they are experts in their craft. We expect our resources to think about the future of the industry and be active participants in searching for advancements to tasks and processes. We expect our resources to embrace leadership – to stand out and be influential and accountable. Our Center is an acting resource to facilitate this expectation for our people.

At present, there is disparity in our industry’s workforce. We take it upon ourselves to help seal this gap. Many of the world’s top performing craft resources are nearing the stage of retirement. The ability for us to collect the extraordinary knowledge and values of these people is fleeting. We believe in facilitating a program for the world’s current expert craftsmen to coach and develop our future workforce. That’s how we retain excellence in the industry. We believe in extending the exceptional level of talent into the next generation.

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If you are interesting in renting out a space at our facility for your next training event, business meeting or conference, view our accommodations on eVenues.

If you have an upcoming training event, business meeting or conference at our Center, contact Stephanie McGowan at 713-475-4523.

Our Curriculum and equipment

Our Center houses the equipment we currently provide services for in the field, and our curriculum is totally unique to our scopes. We identify the key tasks that need the most improvement to have the highest impact based on our cumulative job data. Evaluating the trends, we develop courses that provide our people with the training needed to execute at the highest level of safety, quality and productivity.

Many of our technical courses begin with an e-learning or computer based module that introduces the procedures of the task. The course then flows into a hands-on, mock-up training session that allows our resources to apply what they’ve just learned in a real scenario on actual equipment. We believe in making our people prepared, so we expose our students to potential challenges and issues they could face on the jobsite. This helps ready them to anticipate anything they might encounter in the field. Look for a full catalog of our equipment coming soon!

OUR Trainers

 We believe that our own people are best equipped to train our resources for the future of our company. They understand our industry, our business model and are ingrained in our culture. Therefore, we combine our in-house talent with hand selected field experts from our APM craft labor teams to host training at our facility. These individuals have demonstrated expertise in their craft, leadership acumen and the passion to coach and develop others. As our resources circulate through the center, we are constantly on the lookout for new and upcoming successors in the business to develop into future trainers for the training and development program. Look for a full catalog of our trainers coming soon!