APM Boiler & Steam Teaming Up to Employ Expert Creativity


Near Alberta, Canada, our APM Canada Boiler and APM Steam Services teams took on a planned outage to install a new turbine casing at the Genesee Power Station for Capital Power Corporation. This Outage was scheduled for the entire month of June and was led by APM Superintendents, Mark Farrish (Canada Boiler) and Norm Metke (Steam). We executed 84,215 manhours with an IFR and TRIF of 0.0.


During the Outage, the teams were faced with a major obstacle. A new casing was incorrectly fabricated. It was initially unable to be installed which would typically extend the outage. However, our teams of experts thought outside of the box and engineered a solution. Modifications were made, and the existing casing was re-fabricated on site. The casing was installed in the planed duration of the outage with no delays.

Our APM teams delivered innovative solutions to Capital Power Corporation by employing creativity and dedication to excellence. This focus on delivering for our customers is what separates us from other contractors and establishes our positive relationships and reputation in our industry. Our APM culture starts with each and every individual selected to provide solutions, both for planned and unplanned situations during each outage.

No matter the challenge, APM delivers! To every individual who exhibited our pride for excellence at the Genesee Outage, we extend to you our deepest gratitude!