Delivering Excellence that Translates into Real Dollar Savings at EKPC Spurlock


Kudos to our U.S. APM Boiler team for continuing to rock their projects! In collaboration with FieldCore, APM Boiler executed another successful Spring Outage at the East Kentucky Power Co-Op (EKPC) Spurlock Station Unit 3 in Maysville, KY. The Unit 3 Boiler outage started on March 2nd and was completed on time March 31st. The team executed routine maintenance repairs, inspections, replaced eight coal feed chutes and 420 old style fluidizing bed ash nozzles. Our teams also executed significant work on units 1, 2, and 4 this spring as part of our ongoing maintenance agreement with excellent attention to safety and quality. A variety of scopes, both planned and unplanned, were performed. Below is a short list of a few of those scopes.

  • Unit 3 Furnace Nozzle Replacements Quantity 419

    • Replaced 419 in seven shifts

  • Unit 2 Panel 7&8 Superheater Repairs Emergency Repair

    • Installed (14) Superheater Loops

  • Removed and Replacing the Unit 4 Air heater Modules.

    • Full Modules weighing 40,000 LBS

  • Unit 4 Boiler Punchlist

    • Changed out 1264 Fluidizing Bed Ash Nozzles

  • Unit 4 PA Fan Rotor Replacement

    • Removed and replaced the Fan Rotor


Throughout the Spring maintenance scope, our APM team remained vigilant toward safety, following our daily rigors, and watching out for other contractors performing work in common areas. These high-volume areas required our team’s continuous attention and alert for changes in their environment. Project planning, consisting of LEAN brainstorming sessions leading to cost out opportunities and productivity gains, was also key to this success. The team tracked LEAN initiatives throughout the outage to ensure delivery on goals and initiated change when needed. The project team anticipated approximately $259K in LEAN savings throughout the Spring scope.

Our APM Boiler team remains competitive in the industry by continuously delivering safety, quality, productivity, and reliability. We heartily congratulate Superintendent, Chris Church, Field Clerk, Diane Yandles, and the team at EKPC Spurlock for their ringing success this Spring. Thanks for all you do to make APM Boiler shine!