APM Boiler Shining at Entergy Sabine


Earlier this year, our APM Boiler Services team partnered with FieldCore to perform a water heater replacement at the Entergy Sabine Power Plant in Orange, TX. Leading the way for our team was APM Boiler Superintendent, Tom Hall, and APM Site Quality Lead, Jim Ridings.

The job ran ahead of schedule and was turned over at the end of February – one week early! Strategic time-saving moves included reducing the crane from 4 days to 2 days on site, machine cutting field welds to save on preparation time and completing demobilization one week early. A total of 2,182 manhours were completed with ZERO recordables, and a critical lift was performed twice without any safety incidents. This safety success is largely credited to the team’s coordination on pre-planning the removal and replacement tasks. All Schedule 40 pipe welds were completed with an NDE/MT rejection rate of 0%.

All in all, this outage was a ringing success due to the strategic planning, tight execution, and close collaboration between the customer and other contractors. Entergy complimented the site team on outstanding performance in safety, quality and productive performance. A huge kudos and thanks to our APM team – way to deliver the APM brand standard!