Reflections ... Employee & Customer Experience

“Highly engaged employees make the customer experience.” ~ Timothy R. Clark

Over the past few weeks I have met with various Customers, receiving their feedback on what they want from a craft organization like APM. Below are two of my biggest takeaways. I think you will find them simple and consistent. The hard part is not knowing what the customer wants (if you listen they will tell you); the hard part is staying disciplined to deliver these outcomes.

Outcome Alignment

Outcome alignment is key to both the employee and customer experience. When we deliver outcomes our employees want, we get engaged employees. When we deliver outcomes our customers want, we setup our employees for future success and work opportunities. What are the outcomes our customers want?

  • Safety: We all align around the ultimate outcome = ALL go home safe.

  • Quality: We all want a task to be done right the first time.

  • Professionalism: We all value the trades as a profession and expect all craft to be respected.

  • Leadership: We all see the need for coaching/mentoring skills to develop the next generation of craft.

This is the essence of our Blueprint quadrant, Delivering Excellence, Happy: EE & CX = 5* and 100% SQI. Happy employees and customers receive a 5* experience; a 5* experience is based on a job that is 100% safe, quality, and professional (integrity).


Our customers are facing many challenges. The power demand is stagnant, the market is extremely competitive, the cost pressures are intense, and the regulatory/political challenges are repetitive. How can we help?

  • Perform work right the first time – avoid higher costs of injuries and rework.

  • Function as ONE team – customer, contractors, and labor partners – to minimize disruptions and promote efficiency.

  • Support the utility customers in your area that are facing closure decisions, especially at community grass roots level.


Now that we are getting into the summer season of the year, I ask you to reflect on our spring performance…

How have we delivered the 5* Employee & Customer experience?

Even more importantly, what have we learned to deliver the 5* on our next job?