Kudos from Canadian Forest Products (CanFor)

Here at APM we pride ourselves on the quality and careful attention that we put into our work.

In early October 2018 our APM Boiler team showed that commitment through the completion of a job at Canadian Forrest Products LTD in Northwood Pulp North/Central, British Columbia.

The customer reached out to praise the job well done on the 13 shifts under APM Superintendent Ray Fenwick, with nightshift coverage from Eric Smith.

A total of 2610 manhours were spent on a stripper column/tower packing replacement, Flakt Wood inlet/bypass dust precipitator “D” and the Flakt Wood precipitator Chamber 1 &2.

A special thanks was also extended to APM Superintendent Kathryn Anderson and technical field advisor Vic van Hattem with FieldCore for their support on this outage!

Thank you to everyone who made this northern job a success!