A Day to Influence Youth

It is rewarding to share your career and what you love about your job with children.  Recently, as part of our Good Neighbor Project, Jake Locklear, Timothy Hoch, and Katie Maldonado had the opportunity to share their careers with students at Golden Acres Elementary School, in Pasadena, Texas.  The school invited professionals from area businesses to speak during Career Day.  This day is only one way to inspire students through career choice awareness.  The hope is to change the lives of young people by introducing students to the paths others have taken to reach their goals.  Our esteemed presenters shared things such as, what they do in their job, their schedule, if there are any physical requirements, travel, training, what is rewarding about their job, challenges they face, and how students can prepare for the job.  Each delivered 5 sessions, giving a 20 minute talk to small groups of students.  Jake spoke to 93 - 4th graders, Timothy spoke to 84 - 2nd graders, and Katie spoke to 94 - 3rd graders.  The school had a great line up from many professionals in our community – Law Enforcement, Fire Department, a Cryogenics business, Martial Arts, Librarian, Veterinarian, Construction Safety, Recruiter/Combat Medic Army Active, Walgreen’s Manager, High School FFA, Range Instructor, Realtor, Printing Business, Fire Marshall, Cosmetology, a RN, an Attorney, and an officer with the Pasadena PD – Bomb Squad.  It had to be an exciting day for the students. 

Katie reflected on the day and the eager, little faces of her audience.  “I believe it’s great for kids to begin hearing about the vast career opportunities at a young age from people who have truly lived the job. I am hopeful that this will help them appreciate their unique talents and skills, stay focused on their continued studies, dream big from the outset, and believe in the possibilities.”

Thanks to Jake, Timothy, and Katie for volunteering your time to give students a glimpse of your careers and offer advice and information about your occupations.  Exposing kids of all ages to the world of work can broaden their perspectives and spur them to more interesting and productive careers.