Ownership and Pride

Our company’s persistent emphasis on quality allows us to deliver the best possible customer experience during every job and helps us optimize our operations to become a preferred choice for our customers. We are always eager to relay our crafts’ successes and share positive customer feedback. Recently, a team from APM Fossil South traveled to Juliette, Georgia and delivered a stellar experience for the customer at Southern Company Plant Scherer. The day and night crews worked to successfully complete Unit 4, performing a double LP Alstom retrofit for the power plant. Following the crew’s completion of the retrofit, the customer provided some great feedback, specifically commenting on the crew’s smoothness of operation and efficiency, even with an unexpected delay in the bearings for the job. We would like to congratulate everyone involved in this success.  Superintendents Mike Crooks and Joey Phifer were instrumental in leading the crew, but each member of the team took ownership of the project. Successes like these keep our company’s name well-known and respected by customers across the nation.