We have come to expect that our teams deliver excellent customer service and support, but we still get so excited and proud to hear rave reviews from Customers and our jobsite counterparts.  Our APM Fossil North team performed an outage at WE - Valley Power Plant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  They delivered positive and superior services and helped to repair a less than perfect experience that the Customer had previously received.  The Project Manager and Outage Manager both voiced that they had no issues or concerns with APM’s performance, and said they had not worked with a better group in a long time.  The team maintained a great work ethic and performed safely even in the face of obstacles.  This outage was a major inspection, including major scope of replacement of the LP inner cylinder, HP rotor, and all of the HP and LP diaphragms.   Additionally, APM worked with GE Measurement and Controls to make some changes in the front standard and rebuilt the turning gear.   The outage was scheduled for 7x10’s from mid-July until the end of September, but the crews performed so well and so efficiently without major safety or quality incidents that they finished their scope roughly two weeks early and logged 8,618 manhours.  How great to give Outage Leads the peace of mind, knowing professionals are taking care of them by delivering outstanding service, and solutions.  Thanks to APM Superintendents Craig Hanson (DS) and Jesse Carpenter (NS), along with your entire crew of professionals.  You make us proud!