Emergency Reaction

It’s really no secret that we have top-notch employees.  We see the great things they do every day for our company, the companies that we work for, and the professional way they treat their co-workers.  It speaks volumes about a person’s character when they do something for someone else, even someone they don’t know, without expecting anything in return.  Today we want to recognize and thank Michael Crooks from our APM Fossil South region for responding quickly to an emergency without thinking twice.  Mike was attending training at the United Brotherhood of Carpenters in Las Vegas, Nevada, when another Millwright from LU 2232 had a medical emergency in the swimming pool, and was drowning.  Another person began screaming for help, and while people react differently in emergency situations, Mike and a Millwright from Canada immediately responded to the pool area.  They got the drowning person out of the pool without hesitation and performed CPR on him until an ambulance arrived at the scene to take over medical care and transport him to the local hospital for treatment.  Mike stated that he never thought he would have to perform CPR and he was glad that he had received the training.   He also went to the hospital later to check on the Millwright.  He was alert and able to talk with Mike for a few minutes.  Mike said he was going to update his CPR training as soon as possible.  Great employees make for great companies, and we’re glad to have Mike on our team.  Thanks Mike for your compassion and immediate reaction.