Excellent Performance Feedback

It is so exciting to get a Customer Evaluation that has “Excellent” for every review point of our crew’s performance.  That is exactly what was received by the APM Fossil North team at Dominion Power – Mt. Storm Power Station in West Virginia.  Stacy Mullis, William Crooks and Jeff Ehrhart were the Superintendents for this project, whose top priorities were clearly delivering the highest level of customer service.  The Superintendents and their crews received such positive feedback from our customer because they made sure their first concern of every task was performing it safely, and the second concern was quality performance.  What a winning combination!  Constant communication and consistency were key practices at the site so that if there were problems, they could be addressed immediately, and the customer began to rely and expect those high standards.  We take pride in recognizing our team members for doing a great job, and we thank you for your excellent customer service.