The Power of Ideas and Innovation

APM Nuclear Superintendent, Terry Jennings, used his creativity to build an ingenious structure to save time, keep safety first and deliver quality solutions to the Customer. Terry cultivated the idea of making a pre-emptive foreign material exclusion (FME) training facility in one of the breakrooms in Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant in Monticello, Minnesota.  The make-shift facility had every FME set-up aspect of the actual deck to ensure those who are new and unfamiliar to Nuclear, as well as those veteran craft, were 100% trained on the self-managed FME program.  The customer was very impressed and their expectations were surpassed.  They allowed APM to maintain the FME program 100%, thus ensuring that APM Nuclear is the standard on site for FME management during the RFO 28.

The customer was also struggling with a place for the non-destructive testing/evaluation (NDE) since there was limited floor space.  After a conversation with Terry, he suggested using a pop up ice fishing hut.  This idea was a solution to their problem as they could bring the NDE tent to the part, instead of the part to the NDE tent. This solved the logistics of getting the small components to a good FME area.  The use of the tents turned out to be not only beneficial, but also convenient. The setup is light enough for one person to move around and is immensely cheaper than previous methods.

Terry proved that taking the extra time to think through the issues, and thinking outside the box and using everyday items, can also be beneficial on the jobsite. 

Thank you, Terry, for contributing such great ideas to convey work more efficiently and providing customer solutions.