Nuclear Team Tackles Safety

Who keeps safety their main priority and focus? APM + APCom does. APM Nuclear Superintendent, Jeff Henderson, was recently at the Millstone Power Station in Waterford, Connecticut. While working the night shift, Jeff and his team were performing heavy and critical lifts throughout the 2R24 Refuel Outage. The night shift Senior Nuclear Instructor at MPS, Patrick Tolley, applauded Jeff’s efforts. Patrick has been working with Jeff throughout the outage and he has made many positive observations of Jeff’s conscious and robust focus on safety.  Not only to his crew, but to the surrounding support staff as well. On multiple occasions throughout the lifts, Jeff paused to perform focus briefs with his crew. He used many Human Performance tools such as Situational Awareness, S.T.A.R and Two Minute Time Outs during his focus briefs. He was attuned to the safety behaviors and expectations of the Site personnel and made sure he not only took ownership of his position, but also met expectations of APM + APCom and the customer, while concentrating on the safety of his team.  Jeff proved to be an excellent leader to his team and the Dominion team. We congratulate Jeff on this well-deserved recognition for his dedication and hard work, and his great commitment to safety.