A Demonstration of Professionalism

APM West Superintendent, Alejandro Blas, and his crew recently installed a brand-new unit rotor during a GT Major at Clark Public Utilities River Road Generation Plant in Vancouver, Washington. APM Night Shift Superintendent, Travis Self, led the night crew who also played a vital role in the success of this project.  The entire day and night shifts performed their work in orchestration and delivered truly exceptional work.  During the day shift, there was an audience that grew in multitudes to witness the careful planning and successful execution of this installation by Alex and his top-notch crew.  The entire Clark Public Utilities Board of Directors including the County Commissioner, CEO, and Executives of multiple departments watched the installation intently, as the new rotor was a substantial investment and they were protective and curious of what they had purchased.

Jesse Jensen, GE Senior Outage Manager, stated that an audience like this can be nerve wrecking for some, but Alex and his crew viewed the occasion as a demonstration of professionalism.  He specifically commented that there was never a doubt on safety, and that they could count on quality, which collectively creates an efficient and productive environment.

While the crew was focused with full attention to the task at hand, there was nothing but strictly positive comments and praises coming from the prestigious audience of Customer Executives:

  • Housekeeping = The place was immaculate, to the point where even the bolt rack was a highlight.

  • Organization = You could tell everybody knew exactly where they were supposed to be.

  • Training = This was not the first time these guys had done this, they were professional.

  • Safety = They let us know where we could and couldn’t be and we appreciate that.

Jeremiah Smedra, GE RD for Clark Public Utilities, also gave commendation by commenting:

“I couldn’t have been more pleased.  The bottom line is that the customer saw that they are paying millions for something that warrants the checks they write.  Just outstanding.  Couldn’t be prouder of everyone involved.  The event today had some significant strategic implications.  Your success will pay dividends for years.”

These Superintendents and their crews ensure the Customer’s safety, quality and productive work at every jobsite and outage. We are so fortunate to have these crews on our team, and this is exactly why we need each of you. Thank you for taking the time to make sure that we were represented in such a professional way.