Flex Tubing Innovation

Our craft labor experts increasingly rely on innovations that make their jobs more efficient in less time. One such innovation involves increasing the efficiency of turning gear realignment. Michael Hill, our Fossil South Superintendent, developed an idea to improve the piping in this process, specifically for a 7F GT Koenig Standard Capacity Turning Gear.

Mike’s innovation involved replacing existing rigid lube oil pipes with a flexible tubing system. Koenig, the Outage Productivity Team, and GT Engineering further developed the idea. The result was a Flex Hose Mod Kit. This kit makes turning gear realignment quicker and more efficient. The alignment task time can be reduced from 12-18 hours to just 5 hours. The new system eliminates pipe stress as well.  This new system makes outage scheduling more flexible, and will be incredibly valuable to MI outages, as well as other jobs that require turning gear realignment. To achieve these results the system should be installed in advance. The installation process requires approximately three hours’ time.

The Flex Hose Mod Kit is available when ordering a replacement turning gear unit from Koenig. The GE Sourcing Team is currently working on a commercial solution for new unit purchases with flex hoses. The ultimate goal is to have the flex hose as the default option for all new unit purchases.

Great innovations lead to great productivity, and we have great leaders of innovation among us.  Thanks Mike for your forward thinking and making efficient decisions!