All Hands on Deck

APM is proud to have teams of leaders.  One leader that continues to shine bright is Ken Robertson, APM Fossil North Superintendent. Ken recently led a team at the Oak Creek Power Plant in Wisconsin during a turbine generator outage and the results exceeded the customer's expectations.

Steve Greco, a Senior Engineer with We Energies sent back a letter voicing his satisfaction with our APM crew saying:

“The outage was a long, difficult one for everybody. The craft crew (I can’t forget Jim and Randy, the crane operators!) worked a tremendous number of hours, and a tremendous number of consecutive days. Through all of this, they kept an excellent attitude, paid attention to safety, had a good work ethic, and ensured the work was done in a quality manner. I believe that there were no safety incidents.”

“As many of you know, I’m a very detailed oriented person, and like everything done right. The outage management team also has this philosophy, and the craft carried out the work accordingly.”

“Another attribute to the guys and ladies was that they all had great personalities, and were fun to work with. I had a great relationship with all of them. It is this type of teamwork and camaraderie that makes for successful outages.”

“The performance of the craft was truly excellent and outstanding. I would have each and every one of them back in a heartbeat, and hope that does happen in the very near future.”

Great job by Ken for providing a great work environment while leading his crew and keeping the focus on the job at hand; the customer and safety!