A hearty shout-out to the APM Fossil West team that completed the project at NV Energy – Frank A. Tracy Generating Station in Storey County, Nevada last fall.  A recent Everyday Power Services communication celebrated Quality Heroes and announced the 2015 Customer Quality Excellence Award finalists and winner.  The Customer Quality Excellence Award recognizes Power Services teams who exceed customer expectations through flawless execution and focused customer service. The competition was extremely stiff as each team delivered flawless execution in quality, safety and communication while surpassing delivery and cost commitments. The Tracy Station project was the finalist for North America.

Scott Ranaldi, APM Fossil West Director, stated, “It is hard to pinpoint why Tracy turned out so well. We had a very good Lean Action Workout (LAWO) and we stuck to the plans the GE/APM/and Product Services developed. We were closely tied to the productivity team in setting up the model JCEs. We also developed our region’s first day shift only, 7F MI schedule. It not only worked well, we found great savings in manpower, miscommunications in turnovers, and overall ownership of the goals to complete the outage with quality and safety in the forefront. There was no question or guesses at what the other shift did. If the team did not get the objectives done, they only had themselves to blame and come in the next day and prevail. We received the newest tooling kits for the three majors. We had CORE APM teams aligned to Field Engineers. We dealt with snow, rain, heat and cold from the start to the finish of the outage. It is very nice to see our teams recognized for doing what they do best. Representing the OEM with Safety, Quality, Skill, Pride in Workmanship and trying new methods to meet outage goals.”

The APM project leaders were GT8 Superintendents Arturo Diaz and Alejandro Blas, GT9 Superintendents Ernesto Anaya and Jacob Telep, and ST10 Superintendents Basel Haddan and Rene Leal with Foremen Eduardo Leal and William Stewart.  We are proud and fortunate to have such a winning team working for APM.  We appreciate and value each and every employee that worked so hard to make this project successful and can’t wait to see what this team accomplishes in the future.