During a recent .05 upgrade to the 7FA turbine project at Florida Power & Light – Fort Myers, the APM Fossil South team received high NPS scores for their performance. There were two surveys for the entire Block 2 outage.  A Power Block is the term used to identify turbines. Generally Block 1 will have units A and B and there are 5 blocks at Ft Myers.  The first survey score was 9 out of 10, covering the first half of the Block 2 outage and then they received a score of 10 covering the second half.   

The project was led by APM Superintendent, Ed Menees.  The crew made the lift of the assembled casings minus the rotor and everything went extremely well with no issues.  The crew was innovative and really thought outside the box with this lift.  They were able to assemble and align lower cases outside of the turbine compartment. This alignment was done in parallel to the old shell removal.  When shells were set in the turbine compartment, the alignment was already complete and saved 48 hours of the critical path time.  

Great job by the entire APM team at the Florida Power & Light - Fort Myers project.  We applaud your efforts and dedication to making APM the best! 

Thanks to GE Project Manager, Robert Hobson for sharing some great pictures with us.