APM Fossil West Keeps Motivation High

The APM Fossil team’s motivation comes from within. Frank Gutierrez, GE Senior Regional Operations Manager, posted an article on Colab that highlights APM’s work at the Mountainview Generation Station in Redlands, California. Frank highlighted some of the team’s motivations that should be inspirational to us all - learning and providing for their families. Frank states in his colab post:

“The GE APM Team at Southern California Edison Mountainview Generating Station in Redlands CA is inspireds by many factors. This is a large work scope project that includes 4X 7F Hot Gas Path Inspections (and Advanced Gas Path new upgrades), 2X ST minors on D11 steam units, and 3X generator MAGIC inspections as well. In addition, the units are having DLN 2.6 system installed. The teams emphasized many inspiration points that include a good pay check, providing for their families, enjoying the comradery of working in a team, and learning new things every day. The outage started on Wednesday, 30 Mar, and the team and all the leadership are working closely without customers to ensure that the work scope is done safely, and with quality results. One of the team millwrights working on unit 3A injured his finger last weekend, and shared his injury experience during our discussions. He has a valuable lesson to learn from as well as all the team and regions as well. The work areas are tight, and the team is doing well to communicate with each other to ensure that No Harm comes to the team as well as the customer. The temperatures are elevated and were reminded to ensure that drinking plenty of water is very important. The GT and ST crews are ensuring that STAs are in full, detailed use, as well as sharing thoughts daily during tool box talks. The teams signed and committed to Safety and Quality, as well as to discuss each day how all went the day previously (check actions), as they ready for each day's work. Two MWs also suggested two tool improvements that will be shared with GE for productivity improvements. The GE-APM Team takes great pride in the work that they are performing. The team is being led by Jason Dixson (GT Outage Manager), Ismael Madrid (CPM), Howard Nguyen (GT FE), Trond Alfredsen (GE FE), Bruce Cowan (GE FE), Peter Suhonos (GE FE), Thad Henderson (ST FE), Ernie Anaya, Don Jacobs, James Gehring, Jake Telep, and Chris Jones. Granite Safety onsite leaders are Robert Morris, Kathy Pagan, and Angel Alejandro. Appreciate the efforts and diligence to keep safety FIRST, and ensure Quality work. No Harm.”

APM Fossil West Director, Scott Ranaldi, was also very proud of the praises the team received and their performance stating in response to Frank Gutierrez’s Colab post:

“I visited the Mountainview site and it was very impressive. The crews have everything organized very well and coordinate with each other's units to achieve overall group success. Our night shift Superintendents that were not mentioned in the article but were definitely a part of this winning team were William Stewart and Dodd Chambers. I wish I had more time on site to see more examples of their planning. These mods will change the way we do 7F HGP and MI in the future. We need new tooling, technical direction and processes. Our guys are already looking ahead to capture their ideas and share them with our GE FEs. It will also give us new EHS challenges. Exciting stuff!”

Congratulations on this recognition team! This just goes to show how noble motives lead to prosperity. Although there was an accident on site, it’s awesome to see the team taking the opportunity to learn from the incident. Keep up the great craftsmanship and please keep your hunger for knowledge alive!