Jason Murphy (center)

Today we would like to recognize one member of the APM family, Jason Murphy. Jason has been with APM since 2007, working in the APM Fossil North region.  Like so many before him, he has worked his way up from Apprentice, and he is now an APM Superintendent. Jason has consistently been an ambassador of the APM vision and culture. GE Service Manager, Chase Bortone, took the time to email APM Fossil North Region Service Manager, Mike Benacquisto,to let him know how much Jason has accomplished in his time with APM. Chase highlights Jason’s great work at Duke Energy - Gibson Station in Owensville, IN.

As I was talking about yesterday on our LCT team, Jason Murphy is doing an excellent job supporting the Duke Gibson Unit #1 Major Inspection Outage. Jason has been recognized on many different occasions by the customer and has really helped demonstrate our GE/APM safety culture along with the other GE Beliefs. He was commended by Gibson Station’s Lead Safety Manager for his presentation at the Duke Gibson Contractor Safety Meeting on Feb 19th, 2016.He was recognized again on March 15th by the day shift Turbine Safety Reps for a 99.6% safety audit score out of 100%. Most recently, he was onsite Friday, April 1st during the new Senior Vice President for Duke Fossil Hydro Operations visit and made an excellent impression on the visiting group while out in the hallway by the LOTO office. His incorporation of the Keys to Life (Duke’s new safety program focus) has been inspiring to the craft, customer, and our GE team.

Please pass on my appreciation of Jason and the whole Gibson team for their excellent safety culture and behavior during this Gibson Unit #1 major inspection.

The Duke crew is performing a major inspection on a G2 fossil steam turbine. The crew began working on February 28th and consists of 2 shifts of 20 Millwrights. Jason is a great example of the success that hard work and dedication brings. Thank you to Jason and the whole Duke crew for everything you do for APM and continuing to move the culture forward.