Our Elk Hills Power customer in Tupman, California recently sent the APM Fossil West team a letter of appreciation for assisting with their latest outage. Bob Bond, Team Leader at Elk Hills, sent an email expressing his appreciation for our team's great safety culture and quality.

"Hi everyone,

I wanted to send one last email to say Thank You to all of those who were involved with our outage.

As I said several times during my speeches before we started each day, I appreciated the safe work practices, professionalism, technical competence, and all the hard work that was done. The plant is running very well since last weekend. The outage was completed safely and you all did a great job to do so much- safely and without quality issues.

I enjoyed meeting and working with those on site, and wish you all well wherever your next assignment is.

Thank you,


APM President and CEO, Jake Locklear, was also very proud of the praise given to the APM crew by saying:

"It is awesome and very energizing to receive such great feedback regarding the performance of our APM team.

Mr. Bond’s email also speaks to the effect that safety and quality craftsmanship has on the successful execution and the customer experience. This proves our fulfillment culture – focusing on safety and quality leads to a productive outage and a happy customer.

I also understand we had five millwright foremen on the outage that helped drive the success. Please express our thanks and pride to Javier Castillo-Gonzalez, Esaul Velasquez, Richard Carr, Stuart Gibson, and Eduardo Leal.

Again, great job by your teams. On behalf of our APM, I thank you."

The APM team conducted an enhanced steam path. APM West Regional Director, Scott Ranaldi, informs us that Art Diaz and Alex Blas covered the GT 1 and GT 2 respectively and Basel “Bo” Haddan and Rene Leal covered the D11 ESP. Bo was on days and Rene was on nights. Excellent work team! Keep putting safety first and thank you for your continued effort to professionally spread the APM culture of integrity and safety.