APM Nuclear Team Nails It!

Our APM Nuclear team recently performed an outstanding job at TVA’s Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant in Athens, Alabama.  According to TVA’s website, in 2014, Browns Ferry was the second largest power producer in the United States.  Our craft team was led by APM Superintendent, Juan Ramirez, and consisted of 18 millwrights, 2 pipefitters, 6 laborers and 3 ironworkers.  Each individual in this crew performed flawlessly and they took charge of the project and really owned the turbine deck.

GE Power Service’s Lead Field Engineer, Kevin Adair, sent a review of the crew’s performance noting the efficiency and dedication to safety and quality.

“We completed Satisfactory Overspeed Testing of the BFN 2A RFPT last evening at approximately 1800. This RFPT is expected to be placed in service later today.

As you know, our work to Inspect, Repair and Restore the BFN U2A RFPT to Full Service, and ultimately restore redundancy and operating margin to U2 was Critical Path. Our Scope of Work was scheduled for 6.6 days and was executed near flawless in 5.6 days, Safe and Error Free!  Btw– we were on track to finish in 5.1 days were it not necessary to step back and allow other work to proceed ahead of ours.

I wanted to acknowledge and thank this team for their efficient execution of all work activities and dedication to uphold the Standards of Safety and Quality Excellence that our Customer has come to expect from us here at Browns Ferry. This was extremely important to Browns Ferry, TVA and ultimately to the Citizens of the Tennessee Valley.

In Short, this was a stellar performance by this Team of Professionals.”

Dave Begley, GE Executive Services, was also impressed by this team’s performance:

“This was a big priority for TVA during our Alliance meeting in November and you guys nailed it … thanks for your focus and execution … great way to close out the year for our Alliance customer!”

Our APM Nuclear General Manager, Jim Susan, notes the team’s ability to adjust saying

“Great job by site team and our office getting everyone there with little notice”

Great job crew! Thanks for everything you do on these projects and for displaying a professional can-do attitude that delivers excellent results.