Never Give Up the Ship

APM Fossil North team was recently in Indiana working at the Indianapolis Power & Light (IP&L) Harding Station performing various scopes of work. The team received the praises of Frank Gutierrez, GE FrontLine Senior EHS & S Regional Manager. He was very impressed with the crew’s attitudes and their commitment to quality.  Frank posted the following to the OneEHS Colab:

“What inspires the GE-APM Team at the Indianapolis Power & Light (IP&L) Harding Station Outage? This work scope for our transactional customer is a combustion inspection and HGPI on two 7EA units (indoor), and compressor tip grinding repairs on a 7F GT (outdoor unit). This outage started 3 OCT and is expected to finish up in December. I had the opportunity to talk with the team during an afternoon break, as well as observe the critical lift and placement of the compressor case. Our GE APM team is inspired to do quality and safe work by their family, the job itself, as well as working as a group. Their attitudes were positive and energetic. Our customer also listened into our EHS inspires meeting and had very positive comments regarding the work that our team is performing. The work areas are well managed, and all laydown, walkways, and scaffolding were observed to be satisfactory. One millwright commented on his US Army background as it related to my US Navy career, and his words inspired me to recall when I was a Damage Control Assistant officer on my first ship. "Never Give up the Ship" was the main takeaway. This placard is riveted to many areas around ships as a constant reminder to know your job, know your ship, and be ready when the fighting starts. His thoughts inspired me to be thankful for what I learned in the military, and the camaraderie I feel and see when I visit outages. All about team work and communications, and looking out for each other. Commitment Based Safety is being discussed daily. The team is focused. The team and all the leadership are working closely without customers to ensure that the work scope is done safely, and with quality results. The outage is being led by Dion Kamboures, Allen LeMaster, and CSL Will Fennell. Granite Safety Lead Brandon Carroll was recently assigned to the outage, and is managing the EHS program with the TFA and superintendent. The crews are ensuring that STAs are in full, detailed use, as well as sharing thoughts daily during tool box talks on the tasks. Appreciate the efforts and diligence to keep safety FIRST, and ensure Quality work. No Harm.”

Great job team! Keeping a positive attitude on the job is key to having a great work environment.  APM constantly takes pride in our team’s efforts and dedication to push the APM vision of excellence forward.  Continue your commitments as well to Commitment Based Safety (CBS) and share your progress with your work mates frequently.  Thank you and continue the excellent work.