APM Services Exceed Expectation

The APM Nuclear team at the Oyster Creek Generating Station in Lacey Township, New Jersey, delivered outstanding quality service at a recent outage. The team was praised for their professionalism and a job well done. The team presented themselves with integrity while providing the highest quality product. This resonates far beyond Oyster Creek with the Exelon team working at multiple plants in their fleet, the work that was done here will surely echo to other sites and future opportunities.

The outage consisted of an LP Major with rotor out for blasting. The job was completed four days ahead of schedule and with zero incidents, no rework and no Human Performance issues. Project Superintendent Tim Pianka was very satisfied with his crews work, commenting:

“The Foremen, and the craft worked very closely with the Superintendents, and we maintained a strong relationship with GE and the Exelon throughout the outage. During pre-outage, Chris Kirkpatrick and myself helped the End Customer (Exelon) build a schedule that was both realistic, and achievable. This was a very important outage for this customer financially, as Oyster Creek prepares to permanently come offline on November 30, 2019.“

Superintendents on sight consisted of Tim Pianka and Rick Hand on days, while Chris Kirkpatrick and Jeff Henderson were on nights. This project was executed using four shifts, (one Foreman, twelve craft per shift) with equal amount of craft on each. Also, in a Customer Experience survey our customer wrote in “APM services exceeded expectations” under the overall satisfaction comments section. Congratulations on this success team! Let’s keep motivation and quality going as this outage season winds down.