2015 APM & GSSI President’s Awards


Last week our leadership met with our top Superintendents and Safety Professionals in Mooresville, NC to recognize them for their tremendous achievements over the past year. We took the team to the PIT Performance Instruction & Training facility, which is where motorsport pit crews train for their sport. Upfront, you may not realize the precision which those teams must operate with to perform their jobs. Strong communication, teamwork, synchronization, expertise and attention to detail must be lived out by every member of the pit crew. After reviewing their training curriculum, it is clear that there is tremendous relevance from their industry to ours. Safety, quality and productivity are critical for every motorsport pit stop, and their crews train vigorously so that their execution is flawless. We wanted our team to experience this culture of safety, quality and productivity working in sync from a different perspective and make application back to our craft services, providing world class turbine maintenance.  After learning about the PIT process and culture, our team had the opportunity to go out and apply the lesson by performing mock pit stops. We broke into 7-man crews and completed a friendly competition to test our learnings and challenge each other’s recorded times. Each pit crew consisted of a front and rear tire changer, a front and rear tire carrier, a jack man and a gas man. Just like our outages, a pit stop requires a delicate balance between safety, quality and productivity to get the car back up and on the track. Although your record and chance of winning are dependent upon your ability to perform the task quickly, wasting minimal time, you must remain focused on the safety and synchronization of the entire team to avoid injuries, time penalties and fines for violating safety regulations. The team had a lot of fun, and we are confident that this experience demonstrated and validated the strong correlation between safety, quality and productivity.

After the PIT experience, we treated our team to an awards dinner to celebrate the past year’s top performers. Prior to the event, we requested and reviewed nominations from regional leadership for categories including Most Improved, Top Steam, Top Gas, Top Specialty, Top Blader and the President’s Award. We also awarded the regions for Outstanding Safety Performance. We are extremely proud of each and every award nominee. This is an outstanding achievement, and we credit the greatness of our company in large part to these individuals who live out our culture on every job and serve as role models for our crews.  See the names of these top performers below.

Most Improved Superintendents:

  • Ryan Lappan – APM Canada

  • Dustin Adkins – APM Fossil North

  • Maury George – APM Fossil North

  • Tron Wright – APM Nuclear

  • Jacob Telep – APM Fossil West

  • Kirk May – APM Fossil South

  • Eric Rose – APM Specialty

  • Matthew Kunzelman – APM Specialty


Top Steam Superintendents:

  • Alex Hogg – APM Canada

  • Matthew Cleveland – APM Fossil North

  • Dustin Kisner – APM Fossil North

  • Johnny Ramirez – APM Nuclear

  • Dax Reed – APM Fossil West

  • Ronnie Cox – APM Fossil South


Top Gas Superintendents:

  • Jeremey Johnson – APM Canada

  • Allen LeMaster – APM Fossil North

  • Joe Wirasnik – APM Fossil North

  • James Gehring – APM Fossil West

  • Michael Hill ­ – APM Fossil South


Top Specialty Superintendent:

  • Tim McPherren – APM Specialty


Top Blader Superintendent:

  • Eric Hendricks – APM Specialty


President’s Award Nominees:

  • Wesley Heck – APM Canada

  • Thomas Bernier – APM Fossil North

  • Matthew Smith – APM Nuclear

  • Donald Jacobs – APM Fossil West

  • James Davenport – APM Fossil South

  • Robert Morris – GSSI

  • Edward Geers – GSSI


Outstanding Safety Performance Regions:

  • APM Canada

  • APM Nuclear

  • APM Specialty


We also wish to extend special appreciation to the past year’s President’s Award winners, Matthew Smith for APM from the Nuclear division and Edward Geers for GSSI. Please join us in congratulating these exceptional leaders. You are the best of the best, and your outstanding leadership is what enables our company to deliver the best performance in the industry.

To see more photos from the event, employees can visit this folder, which will also be posted on the Superintendent-One-Stop-Shop and GSSI Central.