APM Specialty Services Demonstrates our Commitment to Being the Best Running Turbine Fleet in the Industry

When you need a team that’s knowledgeable and dedicated to getting the job done, APM delivers. We take great pride in quality and productivity, not just because our customers expect it but because it’s what we believe in. At APM, we stand by Thomas Edison’s words, “The object of all work is production or accomplishment and to either of these ends there must be forethought, system, planning, intelligence, and honest purpose, as well as perspiration.” Our APM Specialty Services team recently validated this belief during their support of the GE On Site Services (OSS) team at Entergy Little Gypsy in Montz, LA, completing a specialized weld repair on a large steam turbine with valve and shell cracks. The GE Site Representative, Brenda Watson, followed up with OSS Leadership and APM Leadership after the job with words of appreciation for our APM welders, stating, “I greatly appreciate you sending the APM welders, Chris Burge and Dale Rodgers, to Little Gypsy job site. They did a great job and their work ethics are outstanding. They are both outstanding welders and knew about all of the criteria of the job. I would recommend them on many of our jobs if the opportunity arises. Thank you for sending two very qualified people to this site!” We love to hear this feedback! We extend our sincerest appreciation to these welders who acted as advocates of our core values to our customer. Your personal dedication is a demonstration of our company’s commitment to being the best running turbine fleet in the industry. Each of us plays a critical role in making that vision a reality so that we can be our best for ourselves and for our customers.