APM Nuclear Team Receives Recognition for Our Flexible Manpower

When you need manpower, APM delivers. Our APM Nuclear team recently fulfilled a job for Exelon at sites Peach Bottom in Delta, PA and Oyster Creek in Forked River, NJ. The scope for the Oyster Creek job was a possible emergent generator rewind. The site tested the generator, and the unit went to ground, which indicated faults in the stator. We manned the project in 72 hours with 2 Superintendents, 1 Clerk, Millwrights, Operating Engineers and Pipefitters, totaling approximately 75 in headcount. A huge factor that contributed to the success of the outage was the ability of our Nuclear Managers to leverage resources at our ongoing Exelon projects to support Oyster Creek during critical evolutions. The craft personnel went back and forth to their jobs as they were needed. Being able to expend this flexibility is a necessity for successful completion of jobs this large, and it was done through a total team effort of APM, GE and Exelon. The crew received recognition from GE PGS Americas Nuclear Service Manager, George Youssef, for their excellent execution, “I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the APM team that supported the Oyster Creek Forced Outage last month. This was a very successful outage on all levels, starting with ZERO safety incidents and ZERO re-work. Every team member contributed to the success of this outage, including every Millwright, Pipefitter and Operating Engineer, but here are the key players:

Greg Gibbs – No surprise he was a runner up for the President Cup this summer. Greg demonstrated his leadership, leading the troops every day until the last man out. He handled a very challenging customer and managed the dayshift politics very well and kept the distractions away from his guys so they could focus on the task at hand and get it done safely with precision. Greg is a true leader, and I am truly thankful I had him on this outage.

Mike Salem – This is Mike’s first outage back with APM, and he took the bull by its horns and welcomed this challenging outage. He has a great future ahead, and I appreciate him seeing this outage through to the finish line and ensuring that safety and quality were the top values of his team.

Tim Pianka – When called upon, he is ready to roll. Tim was asked to leave Peach Bottom where he was setting up for the current outage and drive to Oyster Creek to be the acting Superintendent until Greg got his badge. He didn’t leave until the Field was out. Also, on the back end when we needed additional talent to support the reassembly, Tim was there to lend a hand and send guys back to Oyster from Peach Bottom to finish the job.

Brad Ormsby – He is a team player. He worked with the rest of the Superintendents and provided some key guys from his outage at Millstone to support the reassembly efforts, and the results can speak for themselves.

Doug Devine – Doug was excellent. He spent the first week out in In-Processing ensuring every name was accounted for - not just APM, but the full 90 guys assigned to this forced outage. He provided two reports daily detailing the progress of each team member including number of classes, background checks and any security holds which helped us drive actions with the station to expedite their badges.

Jeff Campanale – Welcome Back! Jeff was asked to switch from days to nights twice during the outage and both times to support the removal of the field and its reinstallation. His expertise was an integral part of the night team success.

Chris Jones / Marc Campo / Jim Susan – I can’t say enough about these guys’ efforts that started the minute I got the call from the site at 8 PM on Sunday night, 9/22. They worked the phones nonstop that first week gathering every resource needed for the operation and ensuring it was the right talent for this type of outage. We take their hard work for granted, but from my experience as a Resource Manager, I know it is not easy!”

The team’s efforts were also acknowledged by the below service leaders.

“Craft availability continues to challenge the entire industry – I heard it from every customer this season. The excellence of Terry Schoenborn, Jim Susan and the team they’re leading makes a difference. Great team effort.”

-         Cindy Breitkruez (Executive GE PGS Services)

“Excellent job team!”

-         James Kaveney (Senior Executive GE PGS Services)

Congratulations to our entire crew for this incredible achievement with remarkable results. You made it happen for the customer and we extend our sincerest gratitude for your dedication to the job’s success! Way to perform to the APM standards!