APM Fossil North Perseveres Through Challenges and Delivers Fulfillment Excellence

When you need a “can-do” approach on your job, APM delivers. Our APM Fossil team from the North Region recently fulfilled a job alongside the GE team and received appreciation from a Field Engineer for their support, “I want to send a note of appreciation and recognition for the two APM Superintendents, Ken Dodson (day shift) and Mike Benacquisto (night shift) as well as the two APM millwrights that were working for me during the combustion inspection for Unit 9 at Elwood Energy. Millwright, Jason Cramer from the dayshift was working at Port Washington, and he came to Elwood Energy on day shift to support the combustion inspection. Jason was able to significantly increase productivity, by helping out initially on the generator end, then on the turbine end. Millwright, Tom Wearn from the night shift worked as lead man and welder on the night shift. With Tom’s support, we were able to complete the welding of all the new bellows on Unit 9, for bellow’s modification. Tom has an excellent work attitude that helped the team moving forward despite the challenges we encountered. With both Jason and Tom’s support, we were able to finish the project on time. This is the first time the unit has been taken apart in 13 years, and the schedule was tight as well. There were a myriad of challenges during the outage that we were able to overcome with the help of the APM crew and the APM Superintendents.” Excellent teamwork and a job well done by this entire crew! We recognize your perseverance and commitment to fulfillment excellence.