EHS Making a Difference Champions

APM and GSSI employees deliver results!  We are very proud of several of our employees who were recently recognized by GE EHS Leader, Kimberly Hill.  In Kim’s EHS “Making A Difference” email for October, she recognized 14 star employees that were recognized by their peers for their EHS excellence contributions and accomplishments.  We congratulate all 14 employees for a job well done, but 5 of those employees were APM and GSSI employees.  EHS is an important APM value and we care for our employees and want them to go away from the job the same way they came to work - every day, without fail.  We believe that every person can make a difference by stopping and evaluating their tasks and paying attention to anything and everything that could and may go wrong.  But mostly, be prepared and aware of dangers that you can’t see or don’t expect.  Keep safety your #1 priority.  Congratulations to these APM and GSSI employees for making a difference and challenging us all to perform safe practices.  Kim’s email recognized:

Charlie Meadows, GSSI Safety Specialist, US

Charlie Meadows, a GSSI Safety Professional, recently provided support on an outage at DuPont’s SRW Cogen facility in Orange, TX.  While there, the DuPont team audited the GE/Granite team’s dayshift work area and found zero findings.  As a result, DuPont presented the dayshift crew with a "Pocket of Excellence" award and placed the dayshift team's picture in the company's safety bulletin.  This is the first time any contractor has received a perfect audit score at this DuPont site.  I would like to recognize Charlie for his safety leadership and customer service that helped the entire team receive this great award from DuPont!

Kenneth Dodson, APM Superintendent, US

APM would like to nominate Ken Dodson for "Making a Difference" during a recent LOTO walk down at a customer site.  Ken was thorough and diligent while performing the walk down and noticed some auxiliary oil pumps that were still running but were indicated on the LOTO sheet as shut down and tagged out.  He exercised the APM Stop program and worked with the plant to get the issue corrected.  He was unwavering in his commitment to ensure the LOTO was completed to GE and APM’s expectations before he would sign off and allow his crew to begin work.  Ken then escalated his concern to APM leadership so the issue could be investigated with the customer to ensure future compliance.  APM appreciates the outstanding job that Ken has done onsite and his continuing commitment to safety.  Job well done Ken!

Boyd Chamberlain, APM Millwright, US

APM would like to recognize one of our Millwright employees, Boyd Chamberlain, for demonstrating the type of EHS leadership we strive for on our projects.  Boyd was very thorough in his pre-job inspection of a socket in preparation to use an impact.  During his inspection he noticed a hairline fracture which he immediately addressed.  This is the type of event that is easy to miss and could have caused a serious injury.  Great job Boyd and job well done!

David Carroll, Lead Customer Service Management Specialist, US

David Carroll gives me someone to look up to when it comes to innovation in safety. I am proud to work in his region and consider him one of my mentors. After there was a recordable incident that occurred in the West Region, he came up with a great idea to redesign the tooling that caused the injury. His idea was sent to tooling, tested, and received positive reviews from the field and upper management. I look up to David because I think innovation is a key component in Making a Difference in EHS.

Basel Haddan, APM Superintendent, US

Basel Hadden demonstrates his commitment to safety over productivity. When I visited the Tracy Clark Power Plant in Reno, NV, I was able to 'walk down' a LOTO with Basel. The documentation was not consistent and did not communicate effectively the tag order numbers versus the tag hanging order numbers. Basel realized the confusion of the inconsistency would not be easy to read nor turn over to the next crew so he requested that the plant revise the documentation so that all of the pages are the same and are clear. There was some reluctance from the plant and the GE FE, as if they were in a hurry to get the LOTO 'walk down' completed, but Basel was persistent, stood his ground and was able to clear up the documentation. Basel is leading the way in speaking up and Making a Difference in EHS.

Congratulations to these star employees! APM is grateful to have such great workers on our team. Your dedication to safety, quality and hard work does not go unnoticed. Keep up the great work and thank you for always making safety your #1 priority.